• Continuous Process Improvement
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Program Management Office (PMO) Support

  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

  • Supply Chain Design and Implementation

  • Assessment and Improvement

  • Sustainability Analysis

​Supply Chain and Life-Cycle Management

PingWind draws on unique international and domestic Supply Chain experience to offer our customers cutting edge, effective solutions.  We utilize quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze customers' needs for improving existing systems as well as implementing systems for new requirements.  We can also execute logistics operations for our costumers with a focus on cost efficiency while still ensuring supply reliability.

IT Services


PingWind offers a robust array of IT services focused on aiding clients lower risk and improve efficiency across their organization.  We have core competencies in Cybersecurity including Risk Management Framework (RMF) expertise, and offer complementary services such as Network support, Application Rationalization and Operations & Maintenance. 


        ​      Inc.

  • Cybersecurity Support including IV&V, Assessments and ISSO services
  • ​Risk Management Framework Expertise
  • Network & Virtualization Services​

Management Consulting

​​PingWind leverages our skills utilized in delivery of our IT Services and Supply Chain Management to further offer our customers management consulting support.  We combine Project Management Professional (PMP) principles with lean, value driven methodologies to assist clients in a variety of strategy, planning and process improvement initiatives.